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  • 19/09/20
  • By BDCF
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In order to transfer a player already registered to and playing for another club within the same league, a 7-day notice of approach is required in line with The FA rules of the association.

The correct player transfers procedure in accordance with The FA rules of the association.

In order to request a player a transfer, the team initiating the transfer request must first, outside of the player registration portal, is required to give 7 days notice of approach to the club for which the player is currently registered to / playing for.

We ask all clubs to use the league's notice of approach form as attached.

Complete the relevant section for your club and either email it to the players existing club secretary and ask them to please complete and return the form asap, or approach them on match days if both clubs/teams are playing at the same venue and ask if they would be willing to complete the form there and then.

Note the player's existing club has seven days in which to reply.

If they return a completed form confirming they are happy to waive the notice of approach and allow the transfer of the player to go ahead.
The players new club must send the league secretary a copy of the completed form before proceeding to submit a transfer request for the player via the FA player registration portal.
Once we receive the transfer request and proof that notice of approach has been waived we can complete the player transfer instantly.

If after seven days the player's existing club has failed to return a completed form, you must then send the league proof you have made the required notice of approach, and then proceed to submit the transfer request via the FA player registration portal.
The league will then start the transfer process where a notice will be sent to the players existing club giving them a further 3 days to object.
If after 3 days, we have received no objections then the transfer can be completed on the 4th day.
If an objection is raised the league management committee will review this and rule on whether to allow the transfer to go ahead or not.
(Please note we cannot stop a player transferring to another club if debt is owed to their existing club, the players existing club must follow the FA debt recovery procedure for clubs)

We will not action any transfer request until we have received proof that a notice of approach has been made or proof it has been waived.

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