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  • 08/10/14
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Please can all involved in the BDJFL, whether players, coaches/officials or spectators, read the appropriate RESPECT code of conduct which applies to them.

These guidelines need to be followed to ensure all enjoy our game with high standards of behaviour.
Improper behaviour will not to be tolerated by the League Committee in any form and will be dealt with as appropriate.

Please take a moment to read the RESPECT Codes of Conduct by clicking on the links above.

Remember, although football is a passionate game, children play in our League. They are learning to play the game and developing their skills and knowledge all the time. They ARE NOT playing in Premier League matches with points and positions at stake.......Please try and remember that!

For more information about the RESPECT campaign, please use the navigation link on the title bar above.

Players Code of Conduct - Download / Open

Spectators and Parents/Carers Code of Conduct - Download / Open

Coaches and Club Officials Code of Conduct - Download / Open